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Why our customers love us ❤️

Dengan online store dan auto-generated receipt ni buatkan jualan saya nampak lebih valid dan profesional.

Abris Bakery → 

Being a mom of 2 + working full time is really hectic. Having StoreUp skips all the conversation, kurang dah untuk layan 1 by 1. StoreUp really ease my life.

Agent Tudung Fazura Bangi →

I love your system. Super easy and simple for my customers to buy from me!|

GoFlush Bathroom → 

Sebagai NGO, kami boleh collect donation secara lebih meluas dan systematic. Record juga menjadi teratur untuk kami buat report.

Kelab Belia Amal Bestari (KBAL) → 

Anda dah bangunkan bisnes anda,
Sekarang masanya untuk GROW

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What is StoreUp?

StoreUp is an e-commerce website. It acts like a store that operates 24/7. Customers can purchase from you even when you are sleeping.

Is StoreUp similar to Shopee or Lazada?

No. Shopee is a marketplace where customers can find any products they need, and merchants has to compete to be the top options. StoreUp is basically your own e-commerce website.

How much does StoreUp cost?

It is totally FREE for you to get started!

How do I collect payments from customers?

You can choose your payment methods on how you wish to be paid. We support online payment (FPX) via StoreUp Pay and manual payment.

When will I receive the payments if I use StoreUp Pay?

The payments will be credited to your bank account within 3 working days.

Where do my orders go?

We have built StoreUp App for you to track everything. Simply login and you will be able to manage your orders, manage your inventory, manage payments, manage shipping, see your sales and many other built-in features!

For inquiries, kindly email or call 03-86831296.  

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